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SMC Projects follows a strict project management process to ensure nothing falls through the cracks. We take all of this off your plate:



  • Listen to the client’s needs.

  • Assemble a list of specific requirements and requests (program).

  • Prepare a preliminary cost estimate.

  • Establish a project schedule.


Preliminary Design

  • Synthesize program, building codes, site constraints, and budget.

  • Update preliminary cost estimate.


Design Development

  • Explore design alternatives.

  • Investigate material choices.

  • Finalize building layout and style.

  • Review design development cost estimate.


Contract Documents

  • Fully document the project scope of work.

  • Create detailed plans and specifications.

  • Finalize cost estimate.


Bidding and Negotiation

  • Manage the bid process.

  • Review and select potential qualified bidders.

  • Conduct pre-bid walkthrough and address questions.

  • Review and evaluate bids.

  • Advise owner on contractor selection.


Contract Administration

  • Conduct frequent site observation visits.

  • Answer questions, clarify details, and review submittals.

  • Hold regular job meeting and distribute minutes.

  • Review, modify, and approve applications for payment.

  • Prepare punch list for job upon reaching substantial completion of the project.



  • Compile warranties.

  • Schedule owner and personnel training.

  • Obtain bank certifications.

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