Stephen Sannicandro



To an industry that can feel exasperating to even the most seasoned real estate owner, Stephen Sannicandro brings clarity, honesty, and perspective. He’s a natural problem solver, a creative thinker, and a born communicator, dedicated to helping prominent property owners achieve their goals as smoothly and efficiently as possible.


Stephen credits his broad range of proficiencies to his training as a musician. Says Stephen, “Music teaches you how to become proficient at something. I remember a day I couldn’t play the guitar, couldn’t make it do what my mind could hear. I worked daily, practicing, writing, and playing until I was able to play the music inside me. What I realized is that once you know how to get good at something, you can apply that to any other facet of life.”


Stephen began his career in 2002 at a mid-sized, high-end interior construction firm in New York City. While there he learned the core principals of construction operations: estimating, budgeting, value engineering, and project management. His drive for knowledge led to a move to Lend Lease and then Plaza Construction, where he continued his professional development. He applied this knowledge to larger-scale high-rise construction in the residential sector. 


In 2016 Stephen formed SMC Projects, a boutique real estate acquisition, development, and construction firm dedicated providing highly personalized owner representation and construction management to discerning clientele.